COMMON NAME: San Patricio


MOTTO: Es Buena la Patria, Verdad?

FLAG: The stripe by the hoist of the national flag depicts the brightest constellation in the equatorial heavens of Vexillium: the famous seven-star Shepherd's Crook. It is employed here both to signal the nation's place on the planet as well to commemorate the mythical figure of the Holy Patrick, who began life as a boy of the hills tending sheep and died a venerated sage famous for the herdsman's staff he carried through his extensive, though unavailing, travels as a missionary.

The Shepherd's Crook is placed within a vertical stripe of dark blue (or sometimes purple, depending upon available stores of dye), symbolizing the ample and glittering night sky above San Patricio. Moving along the fly, away from the hoist, one sees thin stripes of yellow and white (symbolizing the riches of the land and the pristine beauties of the shore, respectively) then a broad stripe of green (symbolizing the abundant verdure of forest and plain), then again thin stripes of white and yellow (symbolizing the need for vexillogical symmetry), and finally another stripe of dark blue or purple (symbolizing the centrality of water to the national identity or something).

NATIONAL ANTHEM: "Cuando Caliente El Sol (Aqui en la Playa)"

LOCATION: North-central Melania, approximate latitude 0 degrees - 14 degrees north, approximate longtitude 148 degrees - 168 degrees west. Bordered on the north by the Melanian Sea, on the south, at the Equator, by the territory of the TDCorp and Udan-Woo, on the west by Listonia, and on the east by two enclaves of Ordland, Nova Luxa and the offshore island of Joos. Listonia, Stervia, the Ordlandic enclaves and San Patricio appear on many outdated maps as portions of the now-dissolved Royaume de la Maurétanie.

LAND AREA: 1,030,472 square kms.

POPULATION: 27,535,000 (estimate, May 299)

CAPITAL: Ciudad Kelly (385,000)

MAJOR CITIES: Puerto Bravo (2,955,000); Puerto Temeroso (1,260,000); Manahatta (1,035,000); Limon (370,000); Observador, (295,000); Zoltanbanya, (230,000); [Nuestra Sra. de] Las Colinas, (185,000). All estimates May 299.

MAJOR RELIGIONS: Fatalism; Animism; Alcoholism.

CLIMATE: Tropical. Temperatures at sea level rarely fall below 21 Celsius. There is a general tendency to higher temperatures and less moisture as one moves inland toward the Equator. Prevailing winds from the Northwest assure annual rainfalls of 70 cm or more near the coasts. The arid lands of the extreme south can average fewer than 5 cm of rain per year.

GEOGRAPHY: Varied. Western and eastern borderlands are marked by high mountain ranges (Sierra Sagrada Occidental and Sierra Sagrada Oriental; Pico Miguel, 4714 m, is the tallest point). The northern tier of the country is strongly influenced by the famous Bay of Patrick, a body of water notable for both its surface area (124,000 sq km) and its volume (average depth of 80 m). East of the bay spreads a broad coastal plain, the many farms of which depend on the waters of the massive Rio Amplio river system. Extensive forests and savannas occupy the center of the country. Much of the southern, equatorial region consists of the north-most sector of the Great Melanian Desert. Recent research indicates that what is now seared dryland was once the site of a vast inland sea, whose transmuted flora and fauna now provide San Patricio with the largest petroleum reserve in the New World.


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Population Centers

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Production of Goods and Services

Highway System

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LANGUAGES: English and Spanish are the state languages, and are taught in all schools. Within the designated homeland areas, the five Ancestral Languages of the Peoples -- McBoyo; Mixtuptecan; Mudyar; Malik; and y'Mothah -- may be taught in the schools and employed for local public services.


CONSTITUTION: Upon San Patricio's declaring independence on 12 May 2999, it was revealed that a constitution for the re-born republic had already been drafted, revised, and ratified. A painstakingly clandestine process of public debate had gone undetected by occupation authorities from Maurétanie and Ordland.

Key provisions of the new constitution:

ECONOMY: GDP per household: ChrCr11,700. Traditionally an agrarian society, San Patricio today employs only 39% of its adult population in agriculture, fisheries, and food processing. The country is self-sufficient in most basic foodstuffs and still derives almost 28% of its foreign exchange through the export of "organic" fruits and vegetables and various wines and liqueurs.

Most foreign exchange is earned by the sale of energy products, either crude oil from the Far South or various "state of the art" solar photovoltaic systems from the San Mateo/San JosÈ district of the Patrick Bay Area. Tourism, particularly in the mountainous northwest and in the sometimes shocking "entertainment zone" of Puerto Bravo, is an increasingly important source of jobs and revenue.

San Patricio is home to a burgeoning business-services sector, in which millions of well-educated young men and women trade opinions and forecasts. On the remunerative popular cultural scene, no list of current Vex favorites in film and song would be complete without the names of Sinead Guttierez, Istvan Tupac, Mahmed O'Brien, and Maria de los Angeles Nagy.

MILITARY: Though San Patrician volunteers joined in the recent successful efforts to compel the abandonment of the Ordlandian "protectorate" over northern Melania, The Da prefers to keep most information about regular Sanpatrician ground and air forces as a state secret ("dentro del celebro"). The Navy, however, continues its grand tradition of conspicuous chivalry and steams the Great Green Fleet around the Melanian Sea as a demonstration of regard and affection for San Patricio's maritime neighbors. The shipyards of Manahatta have been active lately, laying keels for a series of hydrogen-fueled Rickles-class heavy-comic cruisers, headed by the SPS Buddy Hackett and the SPS Shecky Greene.

DIPLOMACY: The Union of San Patricio is a respected member of the international community and wishes to entertain cordial diplomatic relations with all the nations of Vexillium. Details about our diplomatic representation abroad may be obtained by clicking on our embassy seal, below:

Official Portrait and State Object of Veneration

Defense Capabilities of the Union of San Patricio

Official Portrait, Lic. Conn Jaime Nugent O'Donnell, Secretary Emeritus to The Da

Official Portrait, Lic. Jorge Vittorio O'Connor FitzSimmons, Current Secretary to The Da








San Patricio is a delusional but independent country on the planet Vexillium, part of the ImagiNations universe of Edward Mooney, Jr.